Please don’t hate me

I may shout.

I may not listen.

I may be tired.

I may not be able to take you places.

I may not be able to buy you things.


I am your mum and I love you more than myself,

Sometimes I shout because you don’t listen, now I realised your only little,

Sometimes I don’t listen, it’s because I’m busy in other things, I now realised you want my attention,

Sometimes I don’t take you to places, it’s because I’m scared that you may get hurt, and plus I’m by myself,

Sometimes I may not be able to buy you things, it’s because I’m saving for your future.

I am your mum please don’t hate me. I love you more than myself,

Sometimes I feel happy you started reception, I get some peace and quite but the truth is I miss you and can’t wait to pick you up.

I miss you calling me, showing me everything that you do.

I’m proud of you my baby.

Please don’t hate me.


How I make Mum friends.

I struggled with finding Mum friends. When Adiy was going to pre school at the Ilford lane under 5’s, I found some Mum friends. We even had a whatsapp group, we went for lunch. But these friends didn’t stay friends for long and we just departed.

Allahumduliah (praise the lord) now both Adiy and Manha have settled in reception and nursery. And I have met some lovely people. These lovely people are the definition of friends, they are helpful and most importantly they are not fake. The previous mums were stuck up and quite frankly I don’t think I fitted in that crowd. But I’m lucky I’ve met the Mum friends I have met now.

So let’s get to the point how did I make my mum friends:

  • Don’t be afraid to say hi – The one mistake we tend to make is by not saying hello. There’s no harm in introducing yourselves.
  • Be approachable – Some mums I see is always on their phones and not interacting. Put your phone away and as I would say is smile.
  • Have lunch dates – The Mum friends I have are in the afternoon session so it will be a great way to have lunch together and then go and pick our little ones up.
  • Listen – some times as mums we tend to find no one is listening to us. There’s no one there whom you can share your pain with. So it’s good for you to listen.
  • Always keep in touch – One thing I hate is mums who will after a while give up. They will not talk or even message. That’s a bit harsh. So even tho you may be a bit busy, you are never too busy to say hello.
  • Lastly be yourself – being fake will not get you anywhere, telling lies will not get you anywhere. Be yourself and let them appreciate you for YOU.



Quantity or Quality? School uniform review.

This time we didn’t use Lucila school clothing shop to buy Adiy’s reception uniform. Starting off with his jacket we bought actually last year when he started nursery. It was £12 from Asda. It has a hoody as well which you can put away using the zip. It’s comfy and lightweight and this is better to use if it’s slightly raining.

Next is his shirt. Also bought from Asda. We got the easy iron two pack. Costing us £3.50. It’s long sleeve. Aged 3-4. What can I say about the shirt about from that after you wash it it’s easy to iron because it does not get creased much. And getting two shirts for £3.50 is totally worth it.

His elastic tie was from the clothing shop which we bought when we bought Manha’s uniform. It cost £4.00. It’s already made so all we have to do is put it over his head. We did have to tie a little bit at the back but hey it’s a tie.

Next is his royal blue jumper from Asda. We got this for a whopping £2.00. It is such a soft jumper it’s perfect for the winter. We did wash the jumper and yes the jumper is still the same colour.

So the question is do I chose quality or quantity? Before kids I was all quality but I realised especially with boys I will need more uniform then usual because of accidents. But I have no problem with Asda uniform as they are really comfortable and soft. Even after washing the clothes do not get ruined.


Does it get easier?

I don’t know what had happened to Manha but even tho she loves the school experience, she talks about all her new friends she has made, what she did and most importantly her lovely teachers. There’s one thing which is breaking my heart. She cries. The minute she sees the school gate she gets all worked up and cries her heart out. I have tried to explain to her that I will be back and it’s going to be ok. Even the teachers are making an effort in making her feel not scared because I know it’s not scary.

Does it get easier? I ask myself every night. I do feel guilty thinking my baby girl will properly hate me for the rest of her life. You see me and my baby have a special bond. We are best friends even though she’s three years old I still tell her my feelings and to be honest she gives me a shoulder to cry on. Yet I have the guilty feeling as soon as I get her uniform out, as soon as she sees them she cries. And when we are walking towards the gate of school she tightly hands my hand. And when we reach the doors she says it’s scary and while I hug and try to calm her, her teachers are there ready to pick her up. She goes to her teachers still crying and calling out for me. I can’t help but have tears in my eyes while my voice shakes I reassure her that mummy will be back sweetheart.

My heart breaks while I go home. And I constantly think that will it get better or worse. Will my daughter be ok? When it’s time to pick her up I’m eagerly waiting to see my babies little face. And as soon as her name is called she comes running into my arms and you know she ends up talking to me about how her day was and how she had a good time in nursery. So I’m guessing it’s going to be another week or so until she settles.

So I want to know does it get easier?



Nursery (Woodlands) clothing review

Believe it or not but I was hoping that I would pass on some of Adiy’s nursery clothes to Manha. However I ended up buying her new uniform. We all know how expensive school uniforms are especially when it’s bought from school shops such as Lucia clothing where we got ours from.

The polo is a white soft material with the cute woodlands logo. The price of those was £6.75. I bought two of everything, as accidents do happen. The size I had got her was 2-3 even that was a bit too big but hey I think she will grow in to it eventually.

Next is the school jumper with the school logo. The material is perfect for the winter and it’s so snuggly as even when I hug Manha with her wearing it, it feels like I’m hugging a little real life teddy bear. I got it in size 2-3. The price 10.00.

Next I got her the school jogging bottoms. To be honest these bottoms doesn’t really have a logo so if you find a royal blue joggers they will do. The material is thick. Price is also £10.00.

And lastly is a school bag. Price £9.75. So in total I have spent £63.25. Which to be honest it is not too bad as I had got two of everything but however it would have been a lot cheaper if I had purchased it elsewhere. And oh I forgot her last minute shoes. Which I got from deichmann shoes they were 14.99. They are really comfy and girly. Which she is happy about.

If your school doesn’t have a logo make sure you look around as many retailers have amazing offers when it comes to school uniform!

What are your thoughts on school uniform pricing?



My daughters first day at woodlands nursery

My daughter is my best friend. And like every other mum I was more anxious of her starting nursery. As you know Manha already went to pre school for 4 months, and it literally took her atleast 2 weeks to get used to the fact that I am going to leave her there but will be back.

Manha went to her induction and got to see her new lovely and nice teachers. To our surprise she is in the class as Adiy was in. So all the teachers know her from before. Manha goes in the afternoon session. So the first day we went in at 12.45 and they took our picture and she was playing. We stayed for an hour. The next day was hard because she cried her eyes out. But the teachers reassured me that not to worry she just cried for a bit and then got used to playing.

The time spent there she learnt quite a bit she told me that she was playing post office so she was playing that over the weekend. None the less she did make a new friend and was happy that she went to nursery. It was hard for me to see Manha cry but I know she’s a strong girl and will settle soon. Fingers crossed. I am not worried about toilet training as Manha is toilet trained so I know that whenever she needs a wee, she knows to ask.

An exciting thing that the teachers told me on Friday is that from Monday they will be getting books to read in their book bags. They will get a journal as well so we can track everything. I know Manha will love her books as she is a bookworm just like me!

I just want everyone to make dua (a little prayer) so that she settles well in nursery!



Adiy’s first week at reception

It was so emotional. My big baby has grown up so much that he has started reception. For Adiy it’s something brand new. As currently they are transitioning into reception as it’s full time now so for this week he’s in school for 3 hours and then for 4 hours and then full time. It’s a very different atmosphere for him as there’s new uniform, new teachers and of course new classroom and friends.

So the day arrived and the night before I set my alarm and was for the first time ready before everyone. The night before I also ironed and sorted every one of his uniform so it was there and I didn’t have to run around the house looking for something. Can I say the uniform is so cute and personally I find the reception clothing really comfy especially the jumper. Putting on his uniform I literally had tears in my eyes because he looked really dapper ma sha allah. I then took the compulsory infront of the door picture of Adiy and with plenty of kisses from his nanu we was on our way.

We walked and I think i was more nervous then Adiy. We arrived outside his new classroom and we was introduced to his lovely teacher. Mrs C is her name and she took pictures of the children and their parents. Overall everyone was happily seated, and with the final goodbyes we was out of the door while they began their new chapter.

As they are still getting used the whole concept of reception the timings are a bit different. So he spent this week in reception only for 3 hours but I know he has enjoyed himself as soon as his named is called he comes towards me running and with a big smile on his face! I’m hoping he will settle when he spends the whole day there. ❤️

Have your little ones enjoyed school so far?